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What Is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the unethical act of copying someone else’s work without crediting the initial author. Along with watering down the work of others, plagiarism transgresses copyright laws in some countries, ultimately leading to legal action. In an academic context, plagiarism contravenes academic honesty policies and devalues college degrees. In the business world, plagiarism makes your website less valuable to visitors and search engines, which can badly hurt your SEO rankings. 

Although you can avoid plagiarism by citing your sources and paraphrasing properly, some mistakes can still escape the bare eye. By using our plagiarism detector free online, however, you can easily flag both accidental and intentional plagiarism in your texts. After detecting plagiarism, the free plagiarism detector will display the initial source of your content, letting you establish the areas you need to change. What’s more, the tool doubles as a grammar and punctuation checker, making it an all-rounded editing and proofreading assistant.

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Different Forms of Plagiarism

There are different forms of plagiarism in English writing that you can potentially make. And since the best way to avoid a mistake is to know more about it, let’s briefly take a look at some common forms of plagiarism.

Word-For-Word Plagiarism

As the name suggests, this category of plagiarism occurs when you copy another author’s work verbatim without giving credit.

Direct Plagiarism

Although similar to word-for-word plagiarism, direct plagiarism entails lifting specific paragraphs in an original piece and using them in a secondary document without giving credit to the author.

Source-Based Plagiarism

Also known as self-plagiarism, this form of plagiarism occurs when you cite your sources correctly but twists the original idea. It can also happen when you pick information or data from a secondary source but fail to quote the primary source.

Complete Plagiarism

This is the most severe form of plagiarism, as it entails blatantly stealing someone else’s work and introducing or publishing it as yours. A good example would be submitting someone else’s work under your name.

Paraphrasing Plagiarism

Assuming you derive an original concept or idea from a primary document and paraphrase everything without quoting or giving credit, you are considered to have committed this transgression.

Accidental Plagiarism

This form of plagiarism is more a result of carelessness rather than an intention to steal someone’s work. It usually occurs when you fail to cite your sources or give credit to the initial author.

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Online Plagiarism Detector vs Manual Checking

Whilst AI has completely transformed many other industries, it remains a divisive topic in the writing context. On one hand, English purists advocate for old-school editing and proofreading methods, while GenZ’ers, on the other hand, swear by AI grammar and plagiarism checkers.

So, which one should you use? Or put simply, how does an AI-powered scanner for plagiarism fair against a human editor?

For starters, using an online checker significantly reduces the time taken to edit and proofread your work. Unlike a human editor who needs to comb through your work underlining all the mistakes manually, the tool provides real-time suggestions, saving a lot of time. Still, an issue like plagiarism can be hard to detect with the bare eye, meaning it tends to get overlooked. Our tool uses the latest technology to analyze your work, compare it against billions of published material and academic databases, and pinpoint the plagiarized parts.

Secondly, hiring a professional editor and their services can be darn expensive. As such, students or startup companies working on a tight budget may not have the wherewithal to hire a professional human editor. With the help of our paper scanner for plagiarism, you can easily identify content that needs citation.

3 Useful Tips To Avoid Plagiarism

After seeing the different forms of plagiarism, the next big question then becomes: how do you avoid this unethical practice?

Let’s briefly explore the different tips you can use to prevent plagiarism from finding its way into your writing:

Recognize What Constitutes Plagiarism

The lack of understanding as to what and what doesn't constitutes plagiarism is one of the major challenges faced by students and writers alike. In fact, some students out there tend to paraphrase believing they don't need to cite something they’ve “put in their own words.”

As a teacher, you need to teach learners what constitutes plagiarism, as well as provide clear examples of all forms of plagiarism. While at it, ensure you emphasize the importance of citing sources, especially when in doubt about whether or not to credit the initial author.

Cite Your Sources

Citations are a challenging venture for students. On top of having multiple rules of usage, there are multiple citation methods used in writing, and students may struggle in deciding whether or not to cite sources.

One of the most prominent errors flagged by plagiarism checkers is paraphrased content that does not cite or reference the source. Unfortunately, some students believe that paraphrasing constitutes original work, meaning they tend to overlook citing their sources.

With an originality scanner, students can utilize the “Cite your sources when in doubt" rule without having to manually format every citation in their writing.

Use a Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism, whether accidental or intentional, can attract severe consequences. As a student, using the same plagiarism detector that your teachers and professors use can help you avoid potentially questionable content before hitting the submit button. Likewise, a plagiarism checker can help journalists and professional writers flag accidental plagiarism in their work before publishing their content.

Either way, our plagiarism scanner online tool uses a powerful algorithm to identify duplicate content in your writing and provide real-time feedback. This makes it an ideal tool to empower students to become stronger writers, and an excellent assistant for teachers to verify the student's work.

Who Can Use Our Free Plagiarism Scanner?

Our free online plagiarism detector is one of the most versatile tools of its kind in the market, which makes it ideal for a variety of uses. Below are some of the group categories that can use our plagiarism detector online free to check their work.


Copyrighted content is easily one of the biggest problems facing educational institutions from around the world today. As a student, you will have curated many essays throughout your academic journey, increasing the chances of plagiarism. While at it, our plagiarism detector will review your writing for plagiarism and fix the problem.


As a teacher, it is always good to give your students the benefit of doubt when grading their papers. However, that doesn't mean you completely avoid verifying their work. Luckily, our essay scanner plagiarism will analyze students’ essays and flag instances of unoriginal work, both accidental and otherwise.

Journalists and Editors

Our plagiarism detector online tool can also be used by journalists, professional writers, and editors to flag accidental plagiarism. In the professional writing field, plagiarists not only find it hard to get jobs, and can sometimes lead to termination and a damaged professional image. With the help of our plagiarism scanner, however, you can catch plagiarism before submitting or publishing your work.

English Learners

If you are studying English as your second language, you’ll encounter a lot of grammar rules, and plagiarism is not an exception. The plagiarism scanner free scanner will make your learning process easier by pointing out accidental or intentional plagiarism. What’s more, our originality scanner helps conduct grammar and punctuation checks, giving you a centralized platform to edit your texts.

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How Does the Online Plagiarism Detector Work?

Using our paper scanner for plagiarism is as smooth as cutting butter with a knife. Simply follow these easy steps:

  • Copy-paste your work into the tool’s blank editor.
  • Click the Check button and wait for the plagiarism scanner free online tool to analyze your texts.
  • After a few seconds, the checker will return feedback highlighting instances of plagiarized texts. The checker will also show the sources from where the copied text was picked from.
  • Make changes as needed.

Benefits of Using Our Plagiarism Detector-Free Tool

There are multiple plagiarism tools out there for students, teachers, copywriters, and bloggers. However, not all are created equal. Some are inaccurate and expensive to use, while others like ours are free and use advanced algorithms to provide accurate results.

So, what are the benefits of using our tool? Consider the following:

01. Save Time

Manually detecting can be a challenging and time-consuming task, especially if you speak English as your second language. Worse still, if you are dealing with long manuscripts, the chances of getting the required output are very minimal.

Using our paper plagiarism scanner, however, makes the process of duplication-finding fast and easy. Simply paste your textual information on the tool, click check, and you’ll get an accurate similarity check report within seconds.

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02. Web Accurate

Unlike the rule-based heuristics tools out there, our plagiarism scanner for free leverages English language rules, AI, and neural network-based language models to effectively learn how the English language works. As such, it is not only able to give accurate grammar suggestions but also accurately pinpoint plagiarism.

03. Versatile

Our plagiarism essay scanner is also one of the most versatile AI-powered writing assistants on the market. On top of flagging plagiarism in your work, it acts as a real-time proofreader for grammar checks, punctuation checks, run-on sentence checks, and so much more. Put simply, the duplicate detector ensures that all your texts are well-written and error-free. What’s more, the checker integrates with many multiple platforms, allowing you to have a writing assistant even when on the move. Whether it’s an email, social media post, presentation, or any other typed document, our tool will ensure all your editing needs are catered for.

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In today’s increasingly digitized world, cyber security and data breaches have become prevalent more than ever. Worse still, most businesses out there are in the business of stealing users’ information and selling it to third parties. Fortunately, our duplicate scanner does not save any of your information and neither do we sell users’ data to third parties. Our tool adheres to the latest security protocols and constantly undergoes testing by leading internet security and compliance vendors.

05. 24/7 Availability

Frequent travelers will also appreciate the fact that our plagiarism scanner is cloud-hosted, which makes it available every time. This allows you to edit and proofread your documents even when traveling.

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